Surviving your First Day in a New Job

Your first day in a new job will always be a memorable one, for hopefully the right reasons. Off course starting a new job is going to come with some stress and nerves but making a positive impression is still possible regardless of this.

First impressions are lasting and it’s important to remember you got this job because your last impression was a good one.

Walking into your new job, your mind goes into overdrive; how can I stop my hands from shaking, where will I be sitting, what will today involve, should I have brought lunch or perhaps you are thinking, was the receptionist name Caroline or Catherine?

Confidence is key
Confidence resonates from the inside out, so when you walk through the front door on your first day just remember they wanted to hire you and you are there for a reason. Wear your favorite (appropriate) outfit so that you feel at your best. In addition to this, smile and keep an open mind throughout the day. The more positive you are, the more positive your first impression will be.

Make travel plans
Don’t be on time for your first day, be EARLY. Show that you are starting as you mean to go on and that you have planned your first day well. If you are using public transport, why not try out your work route before your first day. That way, you will know whether to leave earlier or get an extra 10 minutes in bed.

Be yourself
As obvious as it may sound, it’s important that you are yourself. This is your new company for the next while so you want these people to know the real you. Throughout the year, we sometimes spend more time with our work colleagues than with our family and friends, so it’s important to portray your real self from the very first day.

Talk to everyone
Walking into any size of a company can be overwhelming, you know no one and you’re unsure what each person’s role is. So, don’t be afraid to ask lots of questions and take a few notes along the way. Introduce yourself to everyone, even the guy who has been subbed in to paint the office. Your ears will burn after you leave your first day, but hopefully for the right reasons. If you make it your business to talk to everyone, it’s a stepping stone to some blossoming work friendships in the future.

Remember why you wanted this job
Sometimes, the stress of your first day can become all too much and you wonder if taking this job was worth it. Just remember, everyone has first day jitters and fears but in the blink of an eye you will have your first month complete and will wonder why you ever worried. Leaving a previous job for another is like stepping into the unknown, but remember you wanted this and now you are lucky enough to have it.

Being the new kid on the block can be daunting, but no matter how your first day went, it’s important to leave with a positive attitude. You are your biggest critique, so if you think it didn’t go to plan the chances are no one else noticed. Remember tomorrow is another day, and at least you now know the receptionists name is Caroline not Catherine!

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