Should I Stay or Should I Go: Counter Offers

So, you have just received the call to say you have been offered the job. When this offer comes in it can sometimes cause a mix of emotions, especially if you are currently employed and have been in your current job for some time.

With the recession behind us, counter offers have become quite common. You were hired by your current company, who invested training, expenses and time into you and you are there for a propose. So, don’t be surprised if a counter offer is presented to you upon your resignation.

This may make the initial happiness of a new role dampened so what, however, it is important to ask yourself what’s right for me?

Why does your employer want you to stay?

Leaving any job can be tricky, especially if you have been in that role for some time. You may be asking yourself, why does my boss care so much and why have I just been made a counter offer? The simple truth is, it’s cheaper to keep you, replacing an employee can be costly and timely. Training a new employee may not be feasible right now or there is on-going projects only you can complete before leaving.

Therefore, it’s important to take a step back when you get your counter offer and remember what is right for you and the after-effects of each outcome.

Why did you look for another job?

Ask yourself, what are your key drivers? Did you look for a new job because you aren’t happy in your current position or did you do it for the money. Money and work life happiness are two very different things. So, if you think back to the day you sent off your CV, you wanted to find a new job and now you have been successful in your application. The right thing would be to follow through on your initial thoughts and not get side tracked by an offer.

Perhaps, you never thought a salary increase was possible so you looked elsewhere. All of a sudden you have the money you wished for and more so you’re willing to stay in your current job, but at what cost?

If you accept, how will this impact your value within your company?

It’s a tricky situation, you are staying but it is common knowledge you were considering leaving. It’s goes without saying, your loyalty will be questioned by management and staff and this could obstruct you from future promotion.

You may feel a constant need to prove yourself to your boss, as well as wondering if your position is dependable moving forward.

How do you turn down a counter offer polity?

If you have decided to decline a counter offer it is important to remember, the business world is a small world and there is no need to burn your bridges.  Even if you already know your answer, take some time to assess the best way of dealing with the situation.

Make it clear that you didn’t do this for a counter offer, and that you are willing to work out your notice leaving amicably. Being honest is always the best policy, this means letting your boss know about your departure in a timely fashion, allowing time to adjust to the changes or even find your replacement.

The stats don’t lie, and majority of those who accept counter offers are on the lookout for a new position within 6-12months. Ultimately, the decision is up to the person in question, as each person understands their own career progression best. However, it is important to remember why you applied for a new job in the first place and what your motives are.

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