Why consider Allen Recruitment Consulting as your talent acquisition partner?

  • Top Companies Do
    • We are consistently rated #1 or #2 agency by our leading clients in their quarterly reviews. These companies set a very high bar in their hiring. We consistently clear that bar.
    • Our client list is blue chip, check out some of them in the “Companies We’ve Helped” section on the home page.
  • We Set The Standard
    • We set the standard in recruitment for process, quality and the use of technology
    • We have the best in class tools, techniques and databases required to source the talent you are looking for
    • We use a proprietary process and in-house search software to deliver high quality candidates to demanding employers in a predictable, repeatable model.

  • Delivery
    • Our candidates are the best candidates available, not just the best of those who apply
    • We introduce our top 3 or 4 most talented candidates for each role following an extensive recruitment program having developed a strategic plan to target and source candidates based on our expert knowledge of the market, our clients’ industry, competitor firms and candidates.
    • Based on our quarterly reviews with our clients we on average fill 3 times more roles than our competitors.
  • Pipeline
    • Our recruiters spend all day, every day looking for and talking to the candidates you are looking for
    • We have a pipeline of candidates for the roles you are looking to fill
      • The most in-demand candidates are for Desktop/Network Admin, Development, Sales/Marketing, Business Support, Finance, Customer Service and HR/Recruiter roles.
    • We do not rely on candidates to apply for the job, we search all our resources to identify the best candidates and then contact them to screen them for the job. Our candidate reach is extensive.
  • Relationships and Engagement
    • We have deep relationships that help us find the best talent – fast.
    • We have credibility – our candidates remember us, our professionalism and how we helped them on their journey, some of whom now work for your competitors.
    • We have an extensive database of candidates, resident in Ireland, UK and across Europe and further afield, a significant number of whom we have an established track record and have assisted in securing jobs.
    • We constantly promote our clients to a vast network of passive candidates.
  • Employer Branding
    • Yes, this is crucial to Allen Recruitment – promoting the employment brand of our clients to both active and passive candidates – this message stays with our candidates who in turn convey to their circle of friends.
    • We estimate that a significant percentage of direct hires result from our branding and marketing of our clients.
  • Communications
    • Clients
      • we work with our clients to develop a compelling brief on the role and company
      • we actively address any information requirements a potential candidate may have
      • we set expectations and timelines and report on all of our recruitment activities
    • Candidates
      • we assist candidates develop compelling resumes
      • we support candidates throughout the recruitment process, as our communications are more consultative than transactional, our candidates take the job for the right reasons
      • we remain in contact with placed candidates throughout the initial probation period and manage any concerns or bumps along the road that may arise
  • Reach
    • We have offices in Dublin, Cork and the UK.
    • Our recruiters work extensively on roles in Ireland, UK and the US. We also to a lesser extent work with our clients to fill roles based outside of the above mentioned countries.
    • Our recruiters work with candidates from all over the world.
  • Choose a recruitment partner that understands your needs

    • Our management team have all worked with technology companies such as EDS, PWC and Misys– we have done many of the jobs we now fill!
    • We have unparalleled knowledge and experience in recruitment
    • Our passion and professionalism is second to none
    • Our recruiters specialise in a given area, be it a type of job (HR, Accountant, Project Manager etc) or a specific technical area (Cisco, Java, .net etc)
    • Our clients trust Allen Recruitment to deliver their recruitment needs every day
    • Our drive is finding candidates that you or other agencies cannot find!


    We specialise in recruiting  for all roles for IT and Finance companies

    The most in-demand candidates are for Desktop/Network Admin, Development, Sales/Marketing, Business Support, Finance, Customer Service and HR/Recruiter roles.



    Development, QA, Network, BA, PM, Technical Support etc.

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    Business Support, Multilingual, Sales, Marketing, HR, Finance

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    Senior Appointments

    CxO, Programme Management etc.

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    Across different role types

    We identify, qualify and submit the best candidates available on the market. You interview and select the most suitable candidate.
    • Fee is based on % of base salary agreed
    • Invoiced the day the candidate starts
    • 3 month warranty
    • Timeline for candidate to start is 2 to 6 weeks

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    • We hire and payroll each candidate
    • Fee to include salary, taxes & holiday costs
    • Invoiced monthly for days worked
    • Timeline for candidate to start is 1 to 2 weeks

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    • Limited company to limited company contract
    • Fee is based on an agreed all in daily rate
    • Invoiced monthly for days worked
    • Timeline to start 1 to 2 weeks week

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    We set the standard in recruitment for process, quality and the use of technology.

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